Ascent Compass Software

Every journey in the right direction starts with a compass.

Leading Alerton’s Ascent product line, Compass is a powerful, dynamic interface enabling users to monitor and control their facilities from anywhere, at any time. It incorporates the latest browser technology and is truly the marriage of current technology and building automation. Ascent offers users an unparalleled user​ experience.

VERSION 1.6 is now available. Dealers have details and specification information to showcase new features and tools, including a new Alarm manager, LDAP integration, and improved summary page display.

Top Compass features include:
  • Easy to learn and operate
  • Real-world workflows help busy building operators save time and money
  • Alerton's OmniZoom, allowing graphics to automatically adjust to the monitor display size for better visibility.
  • Localization, with the Web user interface now translating to local date, time, number format and language based on client-browser settings.​
  • HTML5 format allows users to view web content on multiple devices without using Flash and third-party plug-ins
  • Drop-in apps and report structure makes upgrades easy​
  • Compass 1.6 provides improved access to Alerton's "Advanced Reporting" and "EASE" (Advanced Scheduling) add-ons.

Product Details Available In This Compass 1.6 Data Sheet

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