Ascent Compass Software


Leading Alerton’s Ascent product line, Compass is a powerful, dynamic interface enabling users to monitor and control their facilities from anywhere, at any time.

Compass incorporates the latest browser technology and is truly the marriage of current technology and building automation.

Version 1.6 Now Available - ask your dealer for more details today.

  • ​​Easy to learn and operate
  • Real-world workflows help busy building operators save time and money
  • LDAP integration
  • Alerton's OmniZoom, allowing graphics to automatically adjust to the monitor display size for better visibility
  • HTML5 format enables users to view web content on multiple devices without using Flash and third-party plug-ins
  • Drop-in apps and report structure makes upgrades easy
  • Compass 1.6 provides access to Alerton's Advanced Reporting and EASE (Advanced Scheduling) add-ons

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 Alerton's Powerful, Versatile ACM


The backbone of Alerton’s BACtalk™ Ascent product line, the Ascent Control Module (A​CM) is the industry’s most agile controller in its class. It combines Alerton’s pioneering and proven BACnet® capability with Tridium’s® Niagara Framework® flexibility.

It provides a powerful assortment of features such as multiple global controller instances, multiple communication networks, easy to add option cards for scalability, quad-core processor with high DDC execution speed, and automation features such as schedules, calendars, trendlogs, alarms, zones and demand limiting. 

The ACM is ideal for retrofit applications, new construction jobs, projects where BACnet is built-in, and installations where mutliple protocols are used.

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 A Wall Sensor Like No Other


Touchscreen display, crisp edge-to-edge glass, small bezel setting, elegant layered construction, quality stainless steel ventilation detail, designed for longevity—all this adds up to Alerton’s Microset™ 4!

Part of Alerton’s Ascent product line, the newly designed wall sensor combines aesthetic elegance with technical functionality for a five-star experience that is second to none for all types of jobs, buildings and campuses.

  • Sleek and modern, yet rugged—complements any wall it’s mounted on
  • Intuitive touchscreen user interface
  • Innovative LED status light shows heating or cooling status at a glance
  • Backwards compatibility allows owners to update the look of their building without large capital expenses
  • Optional CO2 sensing and MS/TP versions provide flexibility and expanded functionality
  • Built-in balance/calibration modes provide efficient and timely commissioning 

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